Photograph Galleries

TLHL Models from left to right: Equestrian, Celuriel, Martine, Kleis, and Nordic Chick

You will find a growing list of photograph galleries here. If you'd like to submit a gallery to be added, please email me! All images and graphics, unless noted as public domain are copyright of their respective owners. Reproduction in any form, or use without express written consent of D.A. Fox and Our Contributors is strictly forbidden and punishable in a court of law.

The Long Hair Loom Photograph Album

Come take a peek at our lovely ladies framed in the album!


TLHL Model: Fox

Forever Fox

Fox's photograph galleries


TLHL Model: Celuriel

Celuriel's Grotto

Updated monthly with musings and illustrations of seasonal ephemera and the natural world. Don't miss visiting Celuriel!


TLHL Model: Martine

The Styles Gallery

In order to show how one style can look different on various hair types and length; one style is done by various participants, and shown here for your viewing pleasure.

Very Vintage

A Treasure of Tresses from Times Past!